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Our Characteristics

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Our Characteristics

It may be said that the features of our company are "mutual understanding between the printing factory and the printing press and the plate making division".
The printing and the prepress department cooperate to make good quality products While imagining the finish of the product. We believe that will lead the customers satisfaction.


Moire (printing effect)

Since our founding in 1965, we have been printing numerous comic books (magazines, comics).
The printing know -how is still alive, even though the prepress process has been digitized. For example moire (interference pattern of dots). It could prevent the occurrence of moire by adding a laborer in the plate making process.

5 color separation

5 color separation

Our company is good at work for 4 color + fluorescent pink printing.
Printing of 4 colors + special colors has the effect of improving the coloring of illustrations as well as making the title stand out. In the illustration of 5 color separation, although it reproduces vibrant colors that can not be expressed with the CMYK normal process 4 colors. It is a difficult task that involves a lot of experience.

High definition 280 line

High quality

We recommend high definition printing for expressing smooth skin texture.
Usually expressing fluent gradation by raising the number of the lines more, and making a plate. In addition, when you use FM screening, it could prevent moire and Rosetta pattern and express small part detail. It is for the print such as small texture designs.

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