Printing books, comics

Printing books and comics.

We have DTP operators for books and magazines,
and have DDCP and CTP machines.
We print inside pages, color cover, color pages and other accessories.
We have large offset printers, 6 colors, 4 colors, duo colors, monotone.

【Please note that we do not print small sets of booklets because we do not have a production printer.】

Printing Comics


We print a lot of soft cover comics, monthly magazines, hard cover books, and etc.
We print inside pages, color cover, color pages, and other accesories.

Study‐aid books

We print study‐aid books.
Those books are used by middle and high school students along with textbooks during school classes.
In other, we print books for learning english vocabulary by cover words with a red plastic sheet, and books printed answers that school teachers use.

Musical score

We print a lot of books about music, like band score, guitar score.
We also can print books to use data that we scan from old publications.

General books

Other books

We print soft cover books, hard cover books for study of accountancy, magazines that childcare professionals subscribe to for study, self-published photo books by photographers.

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